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XE1000 Plus

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11 516 Kč
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Max.Power 1000W
Max.Speed 34 km/h
Max. Load 100 kg
Dr.Distance 20 km*
Battery 36V 12 Ah
Tyres 10,5" Kenda
Shock sys F/R yes   |   yes


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You can newly decide between 2 Lead Acid batteries:
36V 12Ah Lead Acid (SLA) with driving distance 20 km
36V 15Ah Lead Acid (SLA) with driving distance 25 km

Introducing new XE1000 Plus Series:

Double Front Suspension – Contributes to increasing the riding safety and tackle various road hazards. It is possible to adjust the stiffness of the front and rear springs to accomodate for rider´s preference and weight.

3 power modes – Everyone can find the ideal power mode best suited for them and the maximum speed of the scooter. Thanks to the ability of switching to Eco modes, everybody can use this scooter (children, teenagers, adults...).

Brand Name Tires – Our company uses the best available components! That´s why our scooters only use Kenda and CST brand tires. We have retreated from using low-quality tires used today by cheap copies due to surprisingly poor quality and durability.

Patented Removable Saddle – Only our company offers a funcional system which allows for exceptional fixation of the saddle rod to prevent wobble while driving and doesn´t move into the sides! If we need to lift the scooter by grasping the saddle rod, it will remain fixed. The old system didn´t allow for upwards fixation.

Completely new chain tensioning system – Only with our company can you find a new chain tensioning system. The old system required tedious and frequent adjustment, but the new system simplifies the process. The result is less time spent tensioning the chain, which is routine maintenance on the scooter.

More about Nitro Scooters XE1000 PLUS

We offer the latest generation of the 36V model line. The 36V 1000W motor is designed for individuals up to 100kg, however, if the scooter will be used in hilly terrain for people over approx. 90Kg we recommend the 48V or 60V models.

LED lighting

All our electric scooters are adorned by integrated front and rear LED lights. The front light has 7 diodes and the rear light has 6 diodes. When braking, similarly to a motorcycle, the rear brake light diodes double their luminous intensity. This integrated illumination increases driving safety.

Lighting is powered by the scooter batteries, but thanks to LED technology, consumption is almost zero. The lighting can be switched off with the exception of the rear brake light, which must remain on for safety reasons.


We offer this model with brand name off-road 10.5 inch tires which have been well-proven on gasoline models.
These tires can absorb all the shaking caused by road inequalities and thanks to the all terrain tread, the scooter can also be safely used off-road.

Accelerator and 3 power modes

Battery capacity is clearly showed on the LED display located next to the accelerator (gas) which is placed on the right hand grip.

The 3 color LEDs show the current battery status which allows you to predict the km range. To start, just turn the handle slightly towards you and the scooter will smoothly start to move.

One of the new features is the choice between 3 performance modes. The ECO/TURBO button is located on the accelerator. By pressing the red button you can activate the Economic Moce (ECO). Engine power is automatically reduced to approximately 750W. This mode allows you to save battery power and drive longer distances on a single charge. When the button is off, the scooter reaches the full 1000W power. In order to reduce its power to approximately 500W (which is suitable for beginners, children, for rental, for elderly users, etc.), just activate the so-called SUPER ECO mode. This mode can be activated on the control unit.

Innovated suspension

This model is equipped with both front and rear suspension. An important innovation is the addition of another spring to the front axle. The result is better suspension dampening and increased safety. The spings work in harmony with the massive siderails in combination with the rocker arm spring (ball bearings system) we developed. The old system (fixed storage) which is still sometimes used for non-branded scooters was very problematic.

This new system (based on the storage in bearing principle) does not require any tightening of the locking screws and the result is a very smooth spring stroke! The stiffness of the front and rear springs can be adjusted according to the user's needs (from soft to tough).

The rear hinge suspension is secured by two massive springs to provide maximum riding comfort despite road inequalities.

Brakes & Handlebars

Wide racing handlebars are a basic prerequisite for easy scooter control at higher speeds. To improve safety, the BMX handlebars have a soft cover. The handlebar itself can be positioned lower by a few centimeters if necessary.
The right side of the handlebar is used to operate the gas lever (accelerator) and the front brake lever (the same as motorcycle steering). The left side of the handbar is used to operate the rear brake lever. If the rider prefers a brake system similar to what is used on bicycles, we are happy to make this adjustment free of charge.

We continually improve the brake system every year. Current models are available exclusively with high quality bike brakes, stainless steel discs and pull-resistant sport levers. Bike brakes have a simple adjustment system and are much more stable than older types of brakes. The Scooter can be stopped within a few metres thanks to this improvement. In order to increase the braking effect, the brake pads are made of hardened material.

Brake levers have factory-fitted threads for the possibility of installing the original Nitro scooters rearview mirrors, which greatly contribute to driving safety.

Others - removable saddle, scooter composition ...

We've received many complaints about the inability of the saddle rod to be lifted, and also about its instability which leads to wobbling from side to side. As required by our customers, we have cooperated with the manufacturer to create a unique and relatively robust system of anchoring the saddle rod to the scooter. The result is a sophisticated system where the saddle rod slides into the scooter and clicks into the locking system. Thanks to this system, the saddle doesn't move while riding. In order to remove the saddle rod, press the footrest lever and lift up on the saddle.

Next point is tensioning of the chain. We have also receiving complaints about this because the tensioning had to be adjusted too often. Our innovation brings a completely unique chain tensioning system which reduces the need of chain alignment.

We recommend to use the scooters with the installed saddle. Riding with the saddle increases driving comfort and also sense of safety when maneuvering. It is height-adjustable and can also be used for taller people.

To increase driving safety, each of our scooters has a bell.

For storing or transporting, the scooter can be simply and quickly folded by pressing a lever. This takes only a few seconds. The Scooter can be loaded into the trunk of the car and can be easily transported.

For easier scooter handling, the battery can be easily removed from the scooter. The batteries are stored in a textile bag and the kit is attached to a scooter by one cable with a connector.

As a spare part, you can then purchase an external charging cable that allows you to charge the battery pack outside of the scooter.





List of the comments:
5 1 5
Zdravím Nitro scooters :-)

vybíral jsem mezi xe1000 a xe1200. po svezení na obou modelech jsem zakotvil u slabší verze. výhodou je nižší hmotnost a cena samozřejmě. mám přibližně 70 kg a 1000W pro mě stačí i do kopečků
5 1 4
XE1000 mám asi 1 rok, pro mně nic moc výkon. nosnost dle výrobce 120 kg. mám necelých 110 kg a po rovině to ujde, ale do kopečků si musím pomoct nohou, hlacvně když je baterka už slabší. dojezd také nic moc. tento model možná tak do 100 kg, spíš 90 kg.

Bohužel se mi nepodařilo ukecat prodejce, at mi koloběžku vymění za cruisera 1900 :-/
5 1 5
Perfect electric toy :-)
Use daily in the centre of Prague.
5 1 5
Děkuji vám za rychlé dodání. Během 3 minut byla sestavená a už se jezdilo. Koloběžka musela projít testem všech členů rodiny :-)))

Supr brnda, dojezd delší nežli popsáno na webu! chválím celkové přehledné zpracování vašeho webu
5 1 5
skvela hracka :-) poridila jsme ji dceri, ale nakonec na tom jezdim vice ja :-)))
Celkové hodnocení 4.8/5 z počtu recenzí: 5
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